At the core of my teaching is a principle best expressed by the Latin maxim, “non scholae, sed vitae discimus,” translated as, “we learn not for school, but for life.” My central aim is to generate what the Greeks called phronesis—practical wisdom for everyday living—by constructing assignments and activities that bring real social exigencies and contexts into the classroom.

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    Statement of Teaching

      As an instructor of rhetoric and composition courses, my aim is to motivate students to begin a personal exploration toward effective, ethical communication. This can only happen if they feel genuinely inspired by the improvement made within the short … Continued

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    Teaching Awards

    Graduate Associate Teaching Award   (Spring 2010) ||  The Ohio State University’s highest recognition of exceptional teaching provided by graduate instructors The Eric Walborn Award for Excellence in Digital Media and English Studies Instruction   (Spring 2010) ||  Recognizing excellence and innovation … Continued

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    Courses Taught

    Introduction to Digital Media: ENG 269         Introduction to Rhetoric: ENG 276         Intermediate Composition, Digital Documentary: ENG 367  

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    What Students Say

    A trip to get coffee, buy groceries, or simply go to work is now an eventful and thoughtful process of constantly asking myself, “How is this rhetorical?” “In the past I was always introduced to rhetoric in an extremely, heavily … Continued

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    Student Work

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    On Teaching Teachers

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