In the morning I write about rhetorical theory and how emotions shape and move collectives.

In the afternoon I work with teachers from across The Ohio State University on how to improve their teaching.

In the early evening I go climbing.

In the nighttime I read about rhetorical theory and how emotions shape and move collectives.

Rinse.  Repeat.

Some of my recent work appears in The Journal of Aesthetics and ProtestThe Megarhetorics of Global Development, and Global Academe: Engaging Intellectual Discourse.  I’m also co-creator and currently serve on the editorial board of Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion, a netroots project aimed at provoking rhetorical literacy for everyday life.  To see a full CV, just click here.

When not writing, I’m working as a Graduate Instructional Consultant at the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching.  I find improving pedagogy at the university-level as rewarding and challenging as I do teaching rhetoric and composition in the classroom.  For more about the courses I’ve taught and my pedagogical approach, head here.

One would think that moving from Colorado to Columbus would decrease the amount of time spent climbing, but it’s actually increased for me.  Between bouldering at Kinetic or at ever-expanding wall we’ve built at Seagull Bags, or weekend trips down to the Red River Gorge, there’s plenty of climbing to be had around the heartland.

As for nighttime reading, stay tuned for a bibliography I’m pulling together on affect and activism.  It’ll give you weird dreams, I promise.