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In the Spirit of the Symposium: Public Presentation in the 21st Century.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Las Vegas, NV. March 2013

The Case for the Common Sensorium.” Rhetoric Society of America Biennial Conference, Philadelphia, PA. May 2012

Catalyzing Assessment, Cultivating Ownership: Online Surveys in Composition Courses.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MO. March 2012.

Netroots Assessment Building.” Member of panel, “Dynamic Assessment Practices for Media and Technology Classes,” with Scott DeWitt, Richard Selfe and Kathryn Comer. Sweetland Computers and Writing, Ann Arbor, MI. May 2011.

Negotiating Identity: Digital Documentaries in the Age of Transnational Advocacy.” Member of panel, “Human Rights Advocacy, Visual Rhetoric, and Pedagogy,” with Wendy Hesford and Ryan Omizo. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Louisville, KY. March 2010.

New Names in Global Frames: Tracking Articulations in Globalizing Resistance.” Making Meaning: Language and Rhetoric in Real World Spaces, Ann Arbor, MI. September 2009.

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Publish and Perish: Audience, Perception and Chronic Illness in Academic Publishing.” English Department Graduate Fall Colloquium, Columbus, OH. October 2007.

Invited Presentations

Rhetorical Obstacles and Entryways for Interfaith Dialogue.” Guest lecture for Shalom-Salaam Interfaith Working Group, Columbus, OH. May 2012.

Do Not Let Teaching Get In the Way of Learning.” Member of panel, “What’s Behind My Teaching: Views from Winners of the Graduate Associate Teaching Award,” Columbus, OH. January 2012.

Visual Rhetoric and Avenues of Agency in Digital Composition.” Member of panel, “Engaging Students through Digital Media,” sponsored by the Digital Media Collective @ OSU, Columbus, OH. July 2010.

‘Here is the Point at which I Begin to Fight’: Beyond Linear Logics and Toward a (Revolving) Revolutionary Subjectivity.” We All Want the World to End: Post-Apocalyptic/Post-Revolutionary/Post-Utopian Politics, Columbus, OH. February 2010.

Architects of Argument, Composers of Composition: Rhetorical Alternatives to the Author Label.” Writing Across the Curriculum Workshop, Columbus, OH. January 2009.

Persona is Performance.” Member of panel, “Considering your Teaching Persona: Finding the Teacher Within and Connecting with Students.” First-Year Writing Program, Pre-Quarter GTA Workshop, Columbus, OH. September 2009.

Presenting Harlot: Origins, Philosophies, and Challenges,” with editorial board of Harlot: A Revealing Look at the Arts of Persuasion. Literacy Studies @ OSU Graduate Seminar, Columbus, OH. September 2007