What Students Say

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A trip to get coffee, buy groceries, or simply go to work is now an eventful and thoughtful process of constantly asking myself, “How is this rhetorical?”

“In the past I was always introduced to rhetoric in an extremely, heavily academic approach, but I am definitely leaving this course knowing and fully recognizing that rhetoric is heavily embedded in our culture and day to day contacts.”

“I feel as if my rhetorical skills have been strengthened as I am now aware that the art of persuading is so beautifully multi-dimensional.”

“Audi alteram partem – I will forever hear the other side.”

I now have a much firmer and broader knowledge of what rhetoric is, but more importantly, this class has imparted to me both a profound appreciation and fear of it.

“Both my skills and knowledge have grown, in the sense that my ability to ‘think critically’ has grown tremendously.”

“I can now effectively recognize and decode the constant barrage of rhetoric in conversation, advertisements, body language and a whole host of other platforms.”

I learned, for example, that arguing isn’t a terrible thing.